Keep Your Hair Protected With Protective Styles

We do a lot of stuff to maintain our natural hair. Natural hair is not the easiest thing to take care of. That’s where protective styling comes in at and we can give our natural hair a break and not have to mess with it. Some ladies don’t have any problems gaining length without protective styling, but some ladies simply cannot gain length. There are many ways to protect your hair with different protective styles, we’ve included pictures below:

20130421-202408.jpgYARN BRAIDS/GENIE LOCKS: Yarn braids are strands of wool or acrylic yarn added to ones natural hair via pinch braiding. They have a natural and light weight feel to them, giving your scalp a rest. Unlike synthetic or human hair extensions yarn braids do not put much tension on your scalp so when you get out of the chair, you won’t need a few days for it to loosen up. Yarn braids also hold moisture which minimizes itching during the life of the extensions. This becomes evident when taking down your braids; your hair feels plush and soft instead of dry and brittle. Moisture locked hairs promotes elasticity making your hair more resistant against breakage.


HAVANA/MARLEY TWISTS: Havana twists are one of the easiest braided extensions that you can do on your own. They are very large twists, twisting them takes no time and your parts do not have to be so defined.  When they are done you have a beautiful natural looking style that will last you for a month or two. The larger you would like your Havana twists to be the more packs of hair you will need. While the whole idea of Havana twists is to have thick locks of hair, keep in mind you need to pick a size that fits your individual look. Please do not forget to take care of your hair when wearing protective styles such as this. You are still free to wash, condition, and moisturize your hair while wearing Havanas. Neglecting to do so may land you with some gruesome split ends.


TURBAN/SCARVES: Wearing scarves/turbans is the most simple yet stylish protective style. Easy to do and affordable. I’m sure you have scarves around your room, so just simply tie it up and wear it on your head. I like to especially rock these turban styles during the spring/summer with my oversize vintage sunglasses. Their are also many ways to tie these scarves and wear it in numerous ways. With natural hair, silk scarves are the best to wear because cotton usually soaks up a lot of the moisture in your hair. I would suggest checking out your local beauty supply store or even thrift stores for good deals on scarves!


SENEGALESE TWISTS: Senegalese twists are basically like Havana/Marley twists but much more smaller. This style is easy to maintain and quite easy to remove because it involves one piece of hair twisting around the other one. It also is an amazing transitioning hairstyle and you can wear them really short or really long, or somewhere in the middle if you prefer.This style is just a cute alternative for box braids.


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